My love for Shellac

Just a quick note while I remember (silly baby brain); I LOVE SHELLAC / OPI GEL nails!!!

It is the perfect combination of a glossy nail polish that does not harm your nails and the longevity of acrylics without the hideous bulk.

I have had shellac applied to my nails only once before and got over 2 weeks from my polish before it started to lift slightly around the edges and I removed it. Last Saturday I decided to try the OPI version and I have to say that so far the results are just as good.

Here are my nails, still looking perfect at 5 days and counting… I’ll let you know how they go.


PS. Now that I have found my perfect cot blanket, nail product and breakfast place, I am looking for the perfect loungewear to wear in hospital and at home after my birth in (gulp) 5 weeks. Any suggestions???


1 thought on “My love for Shellac

  1. Just a quick update – I finally removed the OPI gel colour from my nails this past Monday (so 2 weeks and 2 days after I had it applied) and it still looked flawless around the edges. I just couldn’t stand that my nails had grown out and the polish started about 2.5mm from my cuticles. I never noticed how much quicker my nails grow during pregnancy until I tried Shellac!

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