My search for a cot blanket is over!

How remiss of me to abandon my blog for so long during the most interesting part of my pregnancy, but I am pleased to say that I am back a rearing to go.

I am now at 34 weeks and after a non-routine ultrasound yesterday (there was some concern that my Thatcher may not have been growing as well as he should have been as my uterus was only measuring 30cm) I have been assured that he is “very average” and that I am measuring small because he is already super prepared and has his head down deep in my pelvis – that’s rather reassuring news considering that 3 weeks ago he was breach.

I have to say though, I’m not too keen on the terminology used to describe s healthy unborn baby as “average”; it will be the only time in his life that anyone will describe my son as average and it be a good thing!

Anyway, since I have been advised that given Thatcher’s preparedness, I am very unlikely to go over 40 weeks and may in fact deliver a little early, I feel an overwhelming urgency to get everything ready for his arrival sometime in the next 4-6 weeks.

We have had our furniture, pram, baby capsule, etc on back-order for a long time and it is due in this weekend, so hopefully we’ll be able to finally get the nursery finished. I have painted it (gee, that was fun trying to paint 3m high ceilings whilst 32 weeks pregnant) Dulux ‘Aqua Frost’ after being inspired by this image from ‘Real Living’ Magazine:


I have also stoked up on cute little blue wooden kiddy coat hangers from Howards Storage World and washed and hung all of Thatcher’s clothes. I’ve also washed and folded all of his nappies as we have chosen to go the re-useable route. I have to thank my mum hugely as she made us a stack of super cute nappies out of bamboo fabric…

But anyway, what I really wanted to say (and what prompted me to get my act together and get back on here) was that my ongoing search for a cute, bright, not too ‘babyish’ cot blanket is finally over. I have had to resort to making the blanket myself – although given that I’m nesting, I’m rather excited about the prospect of taking my mint-in-box sewing machine out of its box for the first time since my mum bought it for me 5 years ago – but I have found the cutest fabric and my husband loves it too.¬†

Drum roll please… Thatcher’s cot blanket is going to be made out of this fabric ordered today from


Two by Two Blue Chicks Damask

I just love it! It’s so cute and fits in perfectly with my inspiration image above. Now I just have to be patient and wait for it to arrive in the post…

In the meantime, if you would like to keep on top of all of my design inspiration and other random things that catch my eye on the internet, feel free to follow me on Pinterest (my new favourite app).


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