Horror Stories

During pregnancy, it seems that the list of things that you need to be worried about is simply out of control.

Everyone I speak to has a horror story about pregnancy (this is not helped by the fact that I work in medical negligence and tend to hear exceptionally disastrous pregnancy and childbirth stories on a fairly regular basis). I need to be careful not to put on too much weight, not to eat peanuts and soft cheeses and uncooked or unpasteurised food, not to overheat, not to jump around too much when I exercise, not to lay flat on my back because I could cut off circulation to the baby, not to perform abdominal exercises because some could separate my abdominals and others could force air into my cervix and give me an aneurism, and the list goes on… Somedays, I wonder whether I should just get out of bed at all – but then staying in bed all day has its dangers too as babies of mothers who exercise during pregnancy have higher IQs.

At 24 weeks into my pregnancy I have decided that the best I can do for my mental health and for the health of Thatcher is to use my best judgment in the decisions that I make. Obviously I would not want to do anything that I know could likely endanger my baby, but if I spent all day everyday thinking about everything that poses even the slightest risk to my child I would be a nervous wreck. As a mother-to-be I need to give myself a break and trust my judgment and I empower you to do the same.


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