My baby shower…

Just a few quick snaps from my baby shower a few weekends ago (given the fact that I’ve recently started to puff up and get fat face, there are not very many that I am prepared to make public)…

Thanks so much to my girls for throwing it for me and thanks so much to everyone who came for making it a wonderful afternoon of fun, food and good company. Rod and I just adore all of your presents. xxx.




37 weeks and 2 days.

As of Wednesday, I am officially full term and can birth in the Kind Edward Memorial Hospital Family Birth Centre as planned (prior to that I would have been transferred to the main Hospital).

That being said, I am now well and truly over pregnancy and ready to welcome Thatcher into the world – hint hint little man!!!

In the scheme of things (and compared to the horror stories I have heard) I have faired pretty well in my pregnancy – very little morning sickness, little to no swelling, only 3 little tiny stretch marks on my lower abdomen and I’m still able to work and function to about 75% of my normal range. Nevertheless, I have decided over the past month that I really do not enjoy pregnancy and am not in a hurry to do it again; if (and I mean IF) we decide to have another child, I think Rod and I might just adopt!¬†

I know that I’m growing through all this for something greater, but I am really not appreciating the pelvic, back and hip pain, the immobility, the insomnia, the incessant heartburn/acid reflux, not being able to sleep on my back, my huge stomach constantly getting in my way, the constant discomfort, not being able to have a drink, not being able to exercise like I used to and having to do everything at half pace. And to top it all off, despite me being convinced for the past 8 days that I have been in pre labour (ongoing period pains, my cervix has softened and slightly dilated, I’ve been feeling nauseous, I even had a few regular (but painless) contractions, the midwife told me today that I does not mean that I’m going to go into labour any time soon, and in fact, because I’m so desperate to have the baby early, he’s probably going to come late.

Oh well, at least it means that I’m likely to have a bit of a break between finishing work next Friday and becoming a mum. Rod will be so pleased – I can stay home all day and iron his work shirts (good luck with that honey…).

My love for Shellac

Just a quick note while I remember (silly baby brain); I LOVE SHELLAC / OPI GEL nails!!!

It is the perfect combination of a glossy nail polish that does not harm your nails and the longevity of acrylics without the hideous bulk.

I have had shellac applied to my nails only once before and got over 2 weeks from my polish before it started to lift slightly around the edges and I removed it. Last Saturday I decided to try the OPI version and I have to say that so far the results are just as good.

Here are my nails, still looking perfect at 5 days and counting… I’ll let you know how they go.


PS. Now that I have found my perfect cot blanket, nail product and breakfast place, I am looking for the perfect loungewear to wear in hospital and at home after my birth in (gulp) 5 weeks. Any suggestions???

Mmmm… Doughnuts

For those of you who have know either Rod or I for a while, you will know that until recently our ‘Holy Grail’ breakfast place was Cimablino in Cottesloe. This was all well and good when we were living in Mosman Park and I was only 5 minutes down the road, but since moving closing to the city the half hour drive makes the absolutely perfect Eggs Benedict (for him) and Cimba Beans on toast (for her) slightly less appealing.

Although we do still venture down there a couple of times a year, I have to admit that for the last few years we have been tirelessly searching for a replacement breakfast place somewhat closer to home. We had a lot of failures (which I promptly erased from my memory out of sheer disappointment) and a few ‘it’ll do until we find something better’ experiences – for example the Spanish Breakfast at The Beaufort Street Merchant in Mount Lawley – but, after a long struggle, I am pleased to announce that we have found it: Sayers on Carr Street in Leederville in our new breakfast place.

And just so you can see why, here is a sneaky little pic of their absolutely gorgeous Doughnuts with caramelised bananas, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream (I can also personally recommend the Bean Tagine with Babaganoush, the Banana ¬†Bread and any of the vast array of cakes and slices they have spread across their bench)…

I think you’ll know where to find me this Saturday morning (and how convenient, I can blame it on “pregnancy cravings”)…

Note to self…

Spin class at 34 weeks pregnant is not a good idea! Firstly, all the extra weight in that area makes the hard little seat even more uncomfortable than normal and secondly, your tummy does actually get in the way.

Rod has promised to talk me out of it next time I can’t sleep and decide that I should get up and go…